At Ship’s Wheel, one of our main goals is to support our local Charleston community. We understand that the Low Country is such a unique place because of the beautiful waterways that surrounds it. The estuaries we have surrounding Charleston not only act as a buffer zone between land and the water but, they provide critical nursery habitat for a number of organisms that we love to eat. It is an intricate balance and so important that the ecosystem is protected and harvested sustainably. To help do our part, we are currently donating a portion of of our profits to the South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch program. 

The “Good Catch” program partners with local restaurants that commit to serving fish that is local and sustainable. Their definition of “a good catch is one that is caught or farmed with consideration for the long-term viability of the species and for the ocean’s ecological balance as a whole.” We couldn’t be happier to donate to such a great cause. Please see their website,, for more information.


We are happy to get involved with worthwhile events and organizations. If you or your group  are interested in working with us; Please ,follow the link below and fill out the form. 

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